J. Davis Part of Design Team Awarded Multi-Use Facility in Anderson

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In a recent vote taken by The Anderson County Council, J. Davis Construction, along with development partners RealtyLink and LS3P, have been selected to begin work on the new County Square redevelopment project in downtown Anderson.

The new project, which will be located on the vacant lot located directly behind the historic Anderson County Courthouse, is currently in the early development stages.

“We are thrilled to be selected by the County Council to help transform the face of Downtown Anderson,” said President of J. Davis Construction Joel Davis.” We think this will be a destination attraction for the citizens of Anderson which they will greatly enjoy.” J. Davis is partnered with RealtyLink, the developer for this project, and LS3P, who will be providing the architectural designs.

“We are absolutely excited to be working with Anderson County,” stated Phil Wilson, a Partner with RealtyLink. “We think this will be a great project.”

“This mixed-use building could be six to seven stories tall,” says Davis. “It will house a ground floor restaurant, office, and retail space, as well as upper residence space.”

The final development team was chosen from a list of four finalists.

According to Anderson County Council Chairman Tommy Dunn, “The team picked for this project is very dynamic.”

Of the 10 members of County Council to decide, 8 selected the J. Davis team.

“This is another small step in a big future for Anderson County,” said Dunn.

Negotiations are currently ongoing with Anderson County and construction is expected to start in 2018.