Best Practices For Industrial Electrical Services Part II


So you’ve found yourself speculating on whether the electrician or contractor you’ve hired knows his stuff, and whether he can make the project happen or not. Check and see if he’s making sure these 5 points are a part of his process, like JDI Industrial Services does. If you haven't already , be sure to read part one. Otherwise, enjoy and read on.

6. Grounding & Bonding

- Implement effective grounding and bonding systems to prevent electrical shocks and fires.
- Regularly inspect and maintain ground connections.

7. Energy Efficiency

- Invest in energy-efficient lighting, motors, and equipment to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.
- Consider implementing energy management systems and monitoring tools to optimize energy use.

8. Emergency Shutdown and Response

- Install emergency shutdown systems to quickly de-energize equipment in case of emergencies.
- Train personnel on emergency response procedures and conduct regular drills.

9. Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

- Perform an arc flash hazard analysis to assess the potential for arc flash incidents. Label equipment with appropriate arc flash warning labels.
- Provide arc flash PPE and ensure workers are trained in its use.

10. Documentation and Drawings:

- Maintain up-to-date electrical drawings, schematics, and documentation.
- Ensure that all modifications and changes are accurately recorded and reflected in documentation.

We’ve covered 10 different practices now, but there are five left that you might need to know. Come back next week and see how back up power, training, remote monitors/controls, and more can ensure your industrial project’s success. JDI Industrial Services. Part of Your Team.

Look for our next blog in this three-part series to see what else we put to practice, and why a call to JDI Industrial Services’ electrical team can energize your success. Call 864-972-4720, today! You can also visit us at


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