Breaking Ground for City of Easley

JDavis Construction Breaks Ground for City of Easley

Septmember 16, 2019

On August 23, 2019, JDavis Construction (JDC) broke ground on a large, multi-building project for the City of Easley. Highlights include the expansion and renovation of the Easley Fire Department fire station and a new Operations and Maintenance facility (O&M).

The fire station will undergo an 11,580 sq. ft. expansion featuring additional living quarters, office and kitchen space, and training room. Renovations will include updates to the interior and exterior of the existing building. While work is underway, the station must remain operational creating special challenges for JDC. Project Manager, Bradley Nolan said, “Our focus on the fire station will be to minimize the impact we have on the firefighters and ensuring we do not impede their operations or efficiency.” 

The new 20,445 sq. ft. O&M facility will function as a maintenance and service center to all City of Easley vehicles and equipment. Consisting of two separate areas, the finished building will house office space and the maintenance facility connected by a corridor. The maintenance portion will include two heavy duty work bays, two light duty work bays, and storage space for multiple city departments.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, City of Easley Mayor, Larry Bagwell expressed his excitement for the progress this project represents. “[The buildings] are going to be a big, big asset to our city.” On JDC, Bagwell added, “We are very proud of what they’re contributing to our city.”

JDC President and Owner, Joel Davis also spoke at the event stating, “There is no project we enjoy more than those that improve the lives of people in the community.” Work is expected to begin in September 2019 lasting through 2020.


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