Electrical Component Manufacturer Leverages JDI for Industrial Contracting

Photo: JDI's Millwright Crew steps on-site to begin a chiller relocation.

When a top Electrical Component Manufacturer in South Carolina needed expert help for equipment relocation and facility upgrades, they turned to JDI Industrial Services, a leader among Industrial Contractors in SC. Our mission was to move their equipment and construct a new space for their washing system, showcasing our role as an Industrial Provider.

We started by moving a large chiller to a new concrete base, a task that highlighted our expertise in machinery installation and plant maintenance. This was a critical first step in the process, as we demonstrated our capabilities.

Our team, known for their skills in industrial piping, structural steel work, and electrical systems, then took on the challenge of renovating and connecting their old building to the new one and ensured that both buildings were securely joined.

The successful installation of the new washing system, complete with new water pipes and electrical work, including lighting, showcased our expertise in equipment installation and electrical systems. This project not only solidified our status as South Carolina Industrial Experts but also paved the way for more opportunities.

Our work extended to Oconee County, where we undertook another project involving facility expansion, conveyor systems installation, and industrial painting. This expansion further demonstrated our capabilities in Industrial Construction for the Upstate.

JDI's commitment to safety inspections and reliable Upstate SC Industrial Services was evident throughout these projects. Our role in these significant industrial transformations in South Carolina and North Georgia, including North Georgia Plant Relocation and Charleston Plant Maintenance, highlights our position as a trusted partner in the industrial sector.

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