Sitework Enhances Development of the Seneca Rail Site

Sitework Activities of JDavis Construction Enhance Development of the Seneca Rail Site

December 16, 2019

Continuing the development of Oconee County’s only rail-served industrial park, the Civil Division at JDavis Construction reports significant progress has been made on forming a new road there. Providing much needed vehicle access, this future development site is ideal for large manufacturing and distribution facilities.

The Seneca Rail Site project spans roughly six acres and involves cutting and filling 23,000 cubic yds. of dirt in addition to installing 500 linear feet of storm drainage. Particularly challenging in this project, the existing on-site railroad divided the job in half.

Looking forward, JDavis is excited to contribute to Oconee County’s growth potential by increasing its economic development and future employment. Joel Davis, president and owner of JDavis Construction, commented, “We are always excited to be part of projects that promote economic development and job creation in the county we live in and work.”

An optimal location for industries requiring rail service, Annie Caggiano, the Economic Development Director of Oconee Co. commented, “The work that JDavis is performing will provide a much better picture for developers. We’re excited to see heavy equipment moving, dirt being pushed, and people going to work. It is the definition of economic development.” Work is anticipated to be done by the end of the year.


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