JDI Industrial Services Capabilities

At JDI, we play a crucial role in ensuring that industrial facilities are built, upgraded, and maintained to meet safety, regulatory, and operational requirements.

Here are some common services provided by us:

1. Construction: Since 1997 we have been responsible for the construction of new industrial facilities. This includes site preparation, structural construction, equipment installation, and overall project management.

2. Fabrication: JDI is AWS Certified with a Welding and Fabrication Quality Program. We can satisfy your commercial and industrial fabrication needs, as well as design and detailing requirements. We work with Structural Steel and create Turn-Key Steel Packages that include Mezzanines, Handrails, Racking, Platforms, Access Ladders, Stairs, Guard Rails, & Lintels for all industrial needs.

3. Renovation and Upgrades: Performing renovations and upgrades? We've got you. We provide renovations and upgrades to existing industrial facilities to improve efficiency, safety, and compliance with industry standards.

4. Maintenance and Repairs: JDI is regularly tasked to provide ongoing maintenance and repair services to keep industrial facilities running smoothly. This can include routine inspections, equipment repairs, and emergency services, and then some.

5. Civil and Structural Engineering: We aren't just your average industrial contractor; we have in-house civil and structural engineering teams to design and oversee the construction of complex industrial structures.

6. Electrical and Mechanical Services: With our Electrical Team, we can handle electrical and mechanical systems installation, maintenance, and repairs, ensuring that industrial machinery and systems operate effectively.

7. Environmental Compliance: JDI will work to ensure that industrial facilities meet environmental regulations and standards. This may involve pollution control measures, waste management, and emissions reduction. Our safety and environmental ENR rating is... to ensure you are in top shape for ESG rankings.

8. Safety and Compliance: Safety is a top priority in industrial settings. Contractors help industrial facilities comply with safety regulations and implement safety measures to protect workers and the environment.

9. Project Management: Our on-site and fully staffed team of project managers are here to manage all aspects of your industrial projects, including budgeting, scheduling, procurement, and coordination of subcontractors.

We have specialized knowledge and experience in industrial construction and maintenance and work closely with industrial clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. JDI Industrial Services is an essential element for the development and operation of industrial facilities across various sectors in North and South Carolina, and Eastern Georgia, contributing to economic growth and infrastructure development.

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