Project Schedule Management

How does a project come together on time, and possibly under budget?
The right scheduling and the best experience you can buy. J. Davis can tell you four key components that ensure a project’s successful completion.


  1. Sequencing of Events – One of the key components to ensuring clients understand how and when things are going to happen is by communicating the plan of events, or the sequencing. By sequencing, you can understand things that are going to happen in phases down to the day. Estimators from our team not only crunch the time and man hours, material costs, but the time that they can be placed and worked on-site. The sequence events allow you to know when we expect the phases to complete, how we are tracking, and what issues might lay ahead that must be addressed to meet the goals.


  1. Tracking - Construction is tracked and managed utilizing a Critical Path Project Schedule which breaks down the project activities into manageable tasks and durations for the project team to monitor. This schedule process will be a critical resource in guiding the project team and moving the project along, and will include items such as the project buyout, project submittals, long lead material deliveries, construction activities, and local AHJ inspection milestones. This schedule will be heavily relied on by the project team throughout the project duration to maintain the on-time completion of the work.


  1. Transparent Regular Meetings - The project team will hold weekly contractor meetings to increase awareness of the project schedule objectives, which will be utilized to document milestone updates, and hold contractors accountable for the commitments made during these weekly update meetings. While the overall schedule will be reviewed during these meetings, the project team will utilize a three week look-ahead schedule process to focus on current and upcoming project activities. This process will allow the project team to observe progress and identify potential schedule impacts early, which in turn will allow the team to develop a recovery plan with the contractors to ensure the project is completed on time.


  1. Experience with Building versus Theory – We bring a wealth of knowledge about sequencing through our staff who understand the ABC’s of construction, are able to see the entire picture, and possess a global understanding of projects. The pitfalls of inexperience are often not understanding scheduling, management of sub-contractors, communicating between various groups (including the owner/agent) the issues and changes, and lack of understanding of the various trades and how to schedule them appropriately. We simply hire the best people for the job who meet the experience criteria, so that clients walk away with a great experience.


J. Davis Construction is capable of meeting your needs through proper scheduling, and we hope this information shows a glimpse into our process. Let’s work together to deliver your project on schedule. Call 864-972-4720 to make an appointment or visit us at to see our client success stories.


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